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Primary Care Services

At a time when increasing demand for consultations is outstripping the availability of GP appointments, we look at new ways of delivering care safely within the available resources. With our experience in new models of care implementation and practice revitalisation we can advise on the introduction and development of new roles, introduce initiative technology and effective integrated working. We work by providing initial hands on support to the practice team, both operationally and clinically.

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Practice Caretaking & Takeovers

In the present climate many practices will find themselves struggling to survive with GP partners retiring or leaving the service. We believe the future of primary care lies in transformation of the workforce and practice processes to build sustainability and resilience.

Many new clinical roles can be utilised in Primary Care currently and we have worked on safe ways of introducing and maximising the input of this workforce.

Whether a practice is needing intense support for the short or longer term, we have the experience and skills to provide on the ground support and help restore and revitalise the practice's delivery of care, optimise performance and develop a strategic and financial plan to create sustainability

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Intermediate Care Support

Co-Formation has a team of clinicians and managers skilled in delivering care to patients in Intermediate Care settings such as Community Care Beds, Discharge to Assess beds and Assessment and Rehabilitation beds. 

We have gained experience in developing and working within different multidisciplinary models to deliver medical care. 

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Improving patient access to clinical care

Co-Formation have developed and implemented a Stratification Tool to enable patients to be sign posted to clinicians who will be able to best manage their health needs. This helps safely support the introduction of non GP roles into primary care

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