Intermediate Care Support

Be they called Intermediate beds, Discharge to Assess beds, Assessment and Rehabilitation beds or Community Care beds they are catering for a cohort of patients who no longer need acute hospital services but are not yet able to manage independently at home. 

Part of journey for patients in these beds should be maximising their independence be this physically or psychologically. This might mean a return to their premorbid ‘normal’ functioning levels or establishing a new ‘normal’ following a more significant and disabling illness. The next part is identifying the place a patient can realistically be safely discharged home to. Once the MDT has established this with the patient and their family a care plan can be developed reflecting goals and tasks which need to be accomplished so the patient can move to their home or longer-term residence. 

The Culture

The cultures of Intermediate Care beds should be that of rehabilitation and the governance that of Primary care using the IT systems and processes where possible. These patients are medically fit and if they could manage at home they would be there, and their medical services and care would be provided under Primary Care. 

Co-Formation can help CCGs develop these local services incorporating innovative approaches and the development of a separate workforce and processes.

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