Primary Care Network Development

Primary Care Networks present a real opportunity for surgeries to work together

in a more focused and co-ordinated way across the locality.

The art of forming a good network is to fully understand its resources, the demands it faces and its capability to respond to them. As all practices face ongoing financial strains, the ability of Primary Care Networks to identify any strengths or weakness across its practices and realise its potential capacity can help form a road map for closer working.

Co-Formation have designed a Foundation Package for PCN’s to help them evaluate their:

Assessing Demand

We recommend appointment data extraction from all the practices across the Network collating information about:

• The Network Population – age/sex/use of appointments

• Historic appointment delivery by different clinical roles

• Appointments offered across the day and week

• Average wait for appointments

• Average consultation times

• DNA rates

• Appointment capacity – unfilled appointments and types

• Frequent user aggregate data

Detailing Resources

A staff skills matrix will be compiled detailing either through an E Survey or onsite data gathering:

• Hours of work available for each role across Network both Clinical and Non-Clinical

• Skill sets available e.g. Chronic Health

• Management, Coding etc

• Vacancies

• Development of a report detailing information

Process Mapping

• Data Extraction to measure volume of work

• Onsite mapping of the chosen process in each practice

• A report will be written detailing the current process with opportunities for alignment, improved efficiency, working at scale

and service redesign.


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