Supporting, Transforming and Stabilising Practices

In the present climate many practices find themselves struggling to survive and are looking to see how they can transform to build sustainability and resilience. We believe this can be achieved by delivering care in more efficient and innovative ways whilst maintaining high levels of personalised care for their patients.

Co-Formation’s team has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing new ways of working, from changes within individual practices to across a wider PCN. We have experience integrating multidisciplinary teams into General Practice in a safe and structured way. We have experts who can review a practice’s or PCN's current services and performance through data extraction, analysis, patient and staff surveys. We will then design new ways of working, support their introduction and utilise a dashboard to monitor their impact.

Clinical Strategy Development and Implementation

• Recruitment and restructure where necessary and implementation of new staff mix

• Development, introduction and mentorship for New Models of Care

• Introduction and training for new roles such as Physician Associates & Social Prescribers

• Deployment of new appointment strategies & systems – including    e-consulting

• Implementation and training around new communication systems e.g. Huddles, Senior Management Team meetings and MDT reviews.

• Stratification of patients to support Tier Based care.

Operational support for current or new process implementation and training​

• Front office and back office processes developments and building resilience

• Implementation of bespoke designed operational procedures for individual practice or groups of practices

• CQC readiness

Operational Dashboard Development​

• Initially coding of roles and appointment standardisation across practices- so data comparable

• Data mapping

• Tracking of appointment utilisation and capacity

• Tracking of QOF and LES progress

• Co-morbidity monitoring and development of tier based care

• Training staff to update and utilise dashboard

Leadership support and development

Support for development of new governance systems

and leadership roles

Practice Performance Development

Support and revitalisation for performance and quality improvement of the delivery of outstanding patient care

Succession Planning

Succession planning is vital to ensure the practice’s future sustainability and this planning would commence at initial engagement.

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